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About Us  
  • Who we are?

                        YesYogs is a Scientific combination of Astrology, Numerology and VastuShastra. We are providing affordable Astrological ,Numerological and Vastu Related Product and Services to around the world.

                        Our focus is to provide Solution by easy Remedy and Balanced Name across the world with knowledge oriented best Astrological,Numerological and Vaastu Services to quick Solving Human Problems.
About Astrology Numerology Vastu Shastra
  • What is Yesyogs ?

                        Yes means Positive ,Sure , Okay and Yogs means Connection, Link, Addition. Yesyogs gives people Positive Links as per theirs Planetary Cosmic Influence .

    Who is founder?

                        Mr Govinnda Kishoore Ray (God Guru Gifted and Known Name).

                        Founder YesYogs Mr. Ray, the founder of YesYogs and brain behind the Company has been associated with Astrology,Numerology and Vaastu Shastra for over a decade.

                        He has done Graduation on Commerce and different Diploma on Computer Technology Shree Ray has been studying the science of Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Faceology etc as a hobby right from young age, after that he successfully achieved different Certificates and Gold Medal on Astrology. He is related with are Vedic astrology, KP system of astrology, Numerology, Gemstones, Palmistry, Prashna kundali ... etc. He has a very deep understanding persons Horoscope and required accurate Remedy.

    Mr Ray Says.

                        " Astrologer like a Doctor, Doctor diagnosis a patients based on different test and symptoms and prescribe medicines. An Astrologer analysis a person basis on his/her birth and Subdivitional chart , Vaastu, Numerological chart etc and prescribe Remedies (Gems Stone, Daan, Mantra (chant) etc)"
                        "God is Director and we are just an actor in this world , roll plying as on our Good and Bad Karma in Past Life."
                        " In my Research I have seen, few Benefic and Malefic plants are moving in different Times in human life, through a BALANCED NAME and other Remedies, people can Gain more Benefic results from Benefic planets and reduce Evil effects from Malefic planets.
    I divide Remedies in 3 category:
    1.Derect Remedy : Gems Stone, Mantra (Chant), Daan , Puja etc
    2. Neutral Remedy : Name (Your, Business, Domain, Baby etc -Any Name)
    3. Indirect Remedy: Color, Relationship, Attitude, Discipline, Signature , Food (take or don't take ) etc.

    Govinnda Kishoore Ray

    What we do?

                        We thoroughly study each customer’s Horoscope Astrologically and Numerological both ways. Depending on Customer's Problem checking Sub divisional Charts and Providing or Predict Accurate Remedies.

    Our Aim:

                        We aim to win your “Trust”. Dedicated to provide efficient solution to our valuable clients, we strive for your satisfaction and support. We aim to provide quick Remedy like Magic Wallet , Magical Balance name for Individual, Baby, Business ,Domain etc and requirement oriented Astonumerological and Vaastu Shastra related services. We aim to quick solution Your Present Problems .
                        We second aim is to provide free education to the world about it.

    At YesYogs we are providing with:

       Y                     Yes
       E                     Eternal
       S                     Solution for
       Y                     Your
       O                    Obstruction and
       G                    Give
       S                    Success
Mr. Govinnda Kishoore Ray - a World Famous Highly Best Top Successful Kolkata Bengal based Celebrity Numerologist, Numerology, Numerologer, Astrologer, Astronumerologist, Vastu Consultant, and a Vaastu Shashtra Consultant, Palmist, Gemologist, Gemstone consultant, Graphologist, Stock Market Analyst, Fortunologist, Clairvoyant, Signature Specialist, Palm Reader, Feng Shui Specialist, Gemstone guide, Handwriting Expert Founder of, Favorite among Kolkata,west bengal, Mumbai,Delhi,Bengalore,Puna stars and very much demanding on international label London, usa, Australia, Los Vegas,Dubai. He is Specialist in Lucky Name Numerology balancing for Baby, business, domain, Website film, tv serial, lucky number, your get answer your Question like how to choose lucky domain/website name? how to select lucky baby name? how to Choose lucky business name ? how to select lucky name for my pet ? how to solve by easy quick remedy love problem, Domestic quarrel, financial loss, extra marital affairs other like top ten astrological site, numerological website, top 10 vastu vaastu shastra web sites or portal, best free lucky name selection sites in India and all over world.

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