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  • Why join with us ?

You join with us for Helping People (Good Karma) alongside get Monetary Gain(Earning ) and your Mental satisfaction from your good work (Karma)

  • How to do this work ?                   

1) You can do this work Full or Part Time Basis.

2) For Join or be a Member, You just Purchase a Magic Wallet
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  • About Magic Wallet -

Magic Wallet is a Magical Wallet for you, it's an Aluminum and Waterproof Devine Wallet , it is making according to Individual's Personal Horoscope D1,D9 and D2 (Hora) Chart wise your Best Color and Beneficial God (Istha Devta) wise, Wallet Puja and Siddhi from DHANESWARI TEMPLE in your NAME, also recommended Chant (Mantra), Gift(Dan) and Remedies (Upay) and Mata Laxmi & Siddhidata Ganesh Coin for easily over come from your Present Financial and other Problems.

from us.

3) With full faith Follow the Remedies and Instruction of your Magic Wallet , get Remarkable Solution your Present Financial and other Problems within 15 to 20 days.

4) After that you say the truth that you got from it to other peoples( Relatives ,Friends etc) by online or offline .

5) Next Order from you, you will get 20% on Total Price of Magic Wallet.

6) Magic Income - 5% on Total Monthly Income from Your Direct Referred Customers.

7) You get all work instruction along with your Magic Wallet..

So don't late to solve your Present Problems...................................

Magic Wallet (Sample English )PDF CLICK

Magic Wallet (Sample English )PIC CLICK

Magic Wallet (Sample Bengali )PDF CLICK

Magic Wallet (Sample Bengali )PIC CLICK


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